Thank you for using rtbus. This app, a work in progress, is based on the OC Transpo's open data.

Please send comments and issues to, @thebluefactor or #rtbus

Removed search. Fixed quick-add.
The original feed used to access the real-time information has been removed by OCTranspo, which caused the app not to function at all the last few days... The app has been modified to use the new feed; the problem should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Added first API feature: show search results in text format -- simply add "&format=text" to search url to get results as tab-delimited text.
Duplicate stops in search results have been fixed.
The OC Transpo's spring schedule has been incorporated, but search results are showing duplicate stops; this will be fixed shortly.
OC Tranpo's developer support has responded that block_id and trip_id (for finding scheduled stop times) are and will not be unavailable for real-time data, due to the constant changes that happen during the day.
Added "3 mins ahead" note; the OC Transpo stream is usually 1 min accurate, while we keep a 1 min cache on our site.
Fixed the GPS info not refreshing error when viewing in map mode.
OC Transpo real-time feed made availabe. App created and announced
Requested features:
  • allow re-ordering of My Stops
  • show count-down timer better
  • shorten our site cache to 30 secs, down from 1 min
  • emphasize "updated on" timestamp
  • indicate feed error when it happens
  • add polls to users; did you catch you the bus? are buses' info accurate?
  • in Quick Add, no error message is displayed when needed

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Created by The Blue Factor, 2012