DevShop’s Kicking the top bad habits of project management event recap

August 20, 2008 – 9:08 pm

 Craig presenting DevShop at Ramius Periscope

Craig Fitzpatrick of DevShop make a presentation today at Ramius as part of their Periscope – Look | Share | Learn events.

According to Craig’s analysis, there are 3 camps in the project management tool space:

- schedules-based
- collaboration-based, or
- document-centric.

DevShop’s tool is currently mainly schedules-based.

They’ve developed a framework to solve the various problems related to software project management, with the 5 main points being: times estimation error, distraction rate, schedules confidence, tasks/estimates rather than requirements/designs, and churn/context switching.  This is brilliant.

Why is it so important?  Among other things, it offers much more predictability than other models.

For example, “last week, as a developer, I was distracted (as usual) 1.5 days out of 5 to help my team mates”.  Normal project management tools would have marked me as bad developer (even though I am just being a good corporate citizen)… But, DevShop would have told you that information ahead of time and adjusted the schedules automatically. Nice, eh?

Also, the rest of the pictures from the event is on Flickr.

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